The Smallest and Smartest Dental 3d-Scanner in the World

Otium3d is a new dental company bringing latest dental market trend and 3d-digitalisation technology together aiming of making dental CAD/CAM simple and available for all dental professionals worldwide.

EVE Custom Abutment Scanner is the first product application in a raw of several development projects using a new 3d-digitalisation technology that will become the new trend-setter for dental CAD/CAM solutions.

  • Plug-and-Go system
    – immediately operational
  • Totally Automatic Scan-process
    – single button remote start of scan-process
  • 3d-Application on Tablet
    – no complicated 3d-software
  • Affordable
    – only € 2.490 including Tablet
    – no licence or up-grade fees

Discover EVE Custom Abutment Scanner exposed and demonstrated by our Partners at IDS march 21 to 25, 2017 :

DESS LAB & ABUTMENTS, Spanish worldwide represented manufacturer of custom-abutments and components for dental implants Hall 2.2 / Booth G010

IMES-ICORE, German worldwide known manufacturer of dental milling machines and complete CAD/CAM solutions Hall 4.2 / Booth G041

DGSHAPE by ROLAND, Japanese worldwide known manufacturer of dental milling machines Hall3.1 / Booth L030 M029

SIMEX Italy, Supplier of EVE Custom Abutment Scanner, high quality zirconia materials and dental implants Hall 11.2 / Booth S058


Simple Procedure respecting Dental laboratory traditions

EVE Scanner Concept has been developed respecting traditional dental laboratory working methods and materials.

All Dental laboratories Worldwide can now with EVE Custom Abutment Scanner benefit from the dental CAD/CAM trend just by Do what You always Do.

  • 1. Traditional Abutment wax-up
    – no change in laboratory procedure
  • 2. Automatic Abutment-scanning
    – wax-up custom-abutment is placed in the EVE Scanner
    – push the button NEW SCAN 

                5 to 7 minutes later

  • 3. Inspect the Scan-result
    – push the button SEND

KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid

An Open and Complete System from Scanning to Milling

EVE Scanner System is a Complete System relying on a proprietary hardware embedded PC-card operated by a 3d-application on a Tablet connected to EVE Cloud that processes the scan-file into 3d stl-file used for the final production of the Custom-abutment.

An Open System from Scanning to Milling offering the possibility to produce the Custom-abutment using In-house Milling or contract external Specialized Milling Centers.

  • 1. Custom-abutment Scanning
    – custom-abutment scanning in Laboratory
  • 2. Processing of Scan-files
    – creates stl-files ready for Production
  • 3. Final Milling of Custom-abutment
    a. in-house Milling in Laboratory
    b. external specialized Milling Center

Custom Abutments, the fastest growing Dental implant Solution

Custom-abutments is the fastest growing dental implant solution due to the outstanding clinical long-term performance for the dental implant patient.

Single-implant Replacement is the today the majority of all implant indications worldwide. Customized Abutments is not only indicated for single-replacements, it offers also an ideal solution for Multiple cement-retained replacements.

  • Actual worldwide market trend
    – clinically proven best long-term clinical solution
    – custom-made for each patient situation
    – optimal esthetics in every clinical situation
  • Best Cost – Profit & Quality ratio
    – no stocking of expensive standard abutments
    – industrial precision and quality
  • Large choice of Custom Abutments
    – in modern biocompatible dental materials
    – one-piece or hybrid versions
    – straight or angled screw-channels

Partners & Info


Otium3d is proud to present it’s partners chosen to be part of a new trendsetting dental CAD/CAM technology.


Events 2017

Main Events where Partners are exposing and demonstrating EVE Custom Abutment Scanner

Discover EVE Custom Abutment Scanner exposed and demonstrated by our Partners at IDS Cologne March 21 to 25